Starting Over, Starting Again

I was watching a movie the other night and one of the characters said “I don’t want to be a salesperson because at the end of every month, you wipe the slate clean and start all over again. I want something that is sustained over time.” And it got me thinking……

As salespeople, and given that each new period starts the clock at zero, what do we have that sustains us over time? And the first thought that came to me was Relationships. Our capital as salespeople is our knowledge – product, selling skills, company processes – and we use those tools effectively and consistently to produce results. But what sustains us are the relationships we create and develop over time. The clients we serve and come to love are the fertile fields in which our business grows and blossoms. And each of those relationships requires different care and nurturing for them to trust us and partner with us as they grow their own business.

It’s a new year with new challenges and new opportunities. Our satisfaction in a job well done is measured by the clients who return and the business that they bring to us. Our job is to take the leadership role in developing those relationships and not waiting for the clients to come to us.

So, ask yourself – Who are the clients that I have forgotten about and who have forgotten about me? Who don’t I contact anymore because of something that happened in the past that never really got taken care of so that they are comfortable doing business with me again? And then make a list of those you have (dare I say neglected?) and by when you will call them… and pick up the phone and call. If you want some coaching on how to do this, call me. But don’t wait too long. 2011 is your’s to create and the clock is ticking…..

Make 2011 the Best Year Yet!

Jody Seivert
Please drop me a line and tell me your business plan for the year – and follow my blog at

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