HP Market #1

While it feels and looks to me like there are fewer people at Market than in October, it also looks and feels like there are more designers…..which is good for small companies who sell directly to them and to larger companies who do, too. Not so good for design center showrooms who rely on their business… but that’s another blog.

I’m going to make this quick with lots of photos, and continue with HP blog #2 tomorrow.  Here are novel, niche or interesting things I saw or did (click for links to their websites) – much of it in the Market Suites area and starting with the darling newspaper boys:

PPLePoopDesign – put your darling pooch’s photo on the back of a chair.  Very cute.

Tara Shaw Maison – If I see one more weathered wood collection with linen and nail-head trim I’ll just scream, however, her space is beautiful.

Peninsula Home Collection Company had cool collections, beautifully displayed.

Pheromone – gorgeous framed natural artifacts – bugs, shells, check them out!

Spicher and Company – Euro-ish and darling doggies signs.

Genesee River – Great rustic ‘camp’ vintage accessories.

And I LOVED the new SALON area and the Antiques & Design Center – some of my favorites:

Randall Tysinger – of course.

Time Frame – adorable vintage artifacts in shadow boxes and sweet frames.

Tuesdays on the Boulevard / Arcanum – They share a space and their product and look is great together.

Bolinksy Fine Art – Great Russian vintage oil paintings – many unframed to roll up and take with you, others framed in vintage frames.

Tracy Krohn is a designer striking out on her own with a furniture and fabric collection. She has table tops that are fabrics sandwiched in glass that are subtle and sophisticated.

I finished the day at the WithIt event, held at Hotel Maison. Judy George and Kim Salmela spoke to a small but interested group about their personal reinventions that served as the fertile ground for creating their boutique hotel inspired furniture and accessory collections.

More to come – going to see David Herchik of JDS Designs new collection with Edward-Ferrell-Lewis Mittman today!

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