HP Market #2, Plus……

As I said in my first Market blog, there were many designers at Market this Spring and I’m not completely sure what to make of that. I know that there are retailers large and small going after their design business and looking to satisfy their furniture and accessory needs.  There are fewer high end home furnishings retailers out there (bye, bye Robb and Stuckey…although a little birdy told me…) and many are courting designers and offering yet another avenue from which to shop.  We shall see….

I had several designers at my Market presentation Tuesday morning (amid high winds and whipping rain) and I UStreamed it, which was amazingly awesome!  Thank you all for coming. It was live, on the internet just like television.

One designer who is not nosing around retail product is David Herchik of JDS Designs in DC. He debuted his eponymous furniture collection with Edward Ferrell-Lewis Mittman today in their Washington Showroom.  It is gorgeous, extraordinarily crafted and constructed (the finish is truly to die for) and speaks of an age of well traveled elegance in form and comfort.  And look at how beautifully those fabrics are matched on the chairs!

I will be bringing a 7 episode seminar series to this blog with video clips to support it, so keep looking for it.  It will be on Qualifying Questions (you know, the BADASS ones!) and I expect it will be shown and posted in the next few weeks. So much to do, so little time. Check back for updates.

Tomorrow, Marketplace Philadelphia with the new 2011 version of “Pricing Design”. The contributing designers were so generous in what they shared and we have great data to compare and contrast, and I can’t wait to present to the designers in the City of Bro Love and the rest of the US.

Until next time, keep swinging from the bleachers! Love, love, love.


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