Walter E. Smithe

Returning to one of my favorite retailers, Walter E. Smithe in Chicago next week.  I LOVE the brothers (Wally, Tim and Mark) and what they have done with building their brand and carrying on the legacy of great product at great prices, a strong sense of design, and exceptional service in their stores.  I work most closely with Tim, who is a rock star (sang The National Anthem at a Cubs game on his 40th birthday – how cool is that?!!) and the impetus for using advertising / television to make Walter E. Smithe a household name in their marketplace.  Tim also created using their Outlet store as a training center so that new designers have the experience of practicing and getting coaching on The Smithe Way before they go to one of the other stores around Chicagoland.  Amazing company with fabulous people that I have had the honor and pleasure to work with since the early 90’s, and I relish growing together with them.  Next time you’re in the Windy City go see them – they have a commitment to work with designers as well as with retail clients.  Talk soon!

4/27  “Building Your Business” | by: Jody Seivert

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