“Pricing Design 2011” | Philadelphia Marketplace

It was a dark and stormy morning….and still, 120 designers made their way to the Marketplace to learn how other designer’s price projects, qualify prospective clients, and turn opportunities into profit.  The 2 hours flew by and the questions raised were thoughtful, and the audience voracious for ‘best practices’ by which to be competitive, profitable and able to close project presentation.  It was awesome…..

In the last several months, I sent another email questionnaire to designers around the country – with questions that echoed those asked in the 2010 questionnaire and new questions –  that gave me new data to compare and contrast how designers have shifted their businesses in the face of the challenging economy, even within the last year!  It’s very exciting information and a compelling conversation that I look forward to presenting at other design centers this year and I will be presenting to the Cleveland ASID chapter on May 25th.  Hope to see you at one of them!

Thank you to Maria, Gene and Kelly from Century Furniture for hosting such a lovely luncheon following the event.  Like their other showrooms, this stunning showroom makes it easy for designers to find solutions for their clients with time and budget sensitivities….if you haven’t seen Century lately, you haven’t seen Century.

And a fond farewell and best wishes to Gerry Cipolla, Marketplace Marketing Manager whose time at Marketplace has drawn to a close and she is off to a new marriage and a new life.  Thanks for the memories, Gerry!

www.marketplacedc.com | Twitter
www.centuryfurniture.com | Twitter

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