“You Dream it, They Build it”

“You Dream it, They Build it” – a visit to Walter E. Smithe / Chicago

My relationship with this third generation furniture and design retailer spans more than two decades.  When we met, they had half the stores they have now and were on the verge of becoming the powerhouse at the upper end of home furnishings that they have grown to be. Walter, Tim and Mark are Chicagoland darlings of the airwaves with television commercials that amuse and inspire.  In our time together last week, I met with 25 designers one day and the same number of selling managers the next.  As a smart retailer, they are looking to increase efficiency and effectiveness on the floor and in the client’s home, so our focus with the designers was Focus, Questions and Securing Appointments and our focus with the managers was to use their double duty role to do double duty with coaching via modeling.  Leaders Tim, Mariann and Eric (and Carrie the Computer Queen!!) were active participants in the meeting and in brainstorming the next level of performance.  It was an amazing time together and I look forward to hearing how they use what they learned to produce unprecedented results – and to our next meeting.

Go Team!!

*Don’t let the lack of focus of the photo fool you…this is one group of managers who are razor sharp!


Watch their video’s!

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