May Travel blog

In the Merry Merry Month of May….

It was a memorable month of travel, new starts and beginnings, and endings that came too soon.

Junior (my social media assistant) and I brought a customized “Pricing Design” to a group of IFDA designers in Boston.  Susan Shulman and Bev Ripkin put the event together and it was an intimate setting in Susan’s new home and allowed for an intimate conversation about their businesses.

A week in Derry, NH with MegaFood brought a new group of reps and a new regional sales manager to this whole food supplement family.  We tried a new direction with the training by covering less material, added more role play practice, and used real life analogies for ‘skill drills’ that brought the examples and the selling skills strategies to life.  This was Jim Grady’s brainstorm mid-way into the week, and I welcome the coaching!

My brother, Jay and I drove to Lewisburg, PA to attend our niece Johnna’s graduation from Bucknell.  It was a lovely family time and a beautiful celebration and completion of college time as Johnna moved on to a new job in NYC starting tomorrow!

I went from a long drive back from the center of Pennsylvania to the middle of America the next day to work with Ernie’s of Ceresco.  Nestled in a small town between Omaha and Lincoln, this retailer has been serving those clients who want a familiar face and personal touch, and looking to take their business to the next level.  Imagine what it would be like competing with Nebraska Furniture Mart???

Ohio Design Centre in Cleveland is another small secret.  Located in a trade neighborhood, this center draws from all of Ohio and competes with larger design centers.  ASID partnered with ODC to bring “Pricing Design” to an engaged and vocal group of designers and the showrooms supported the event with a progressive cocktail party afterward.  And I made a new friend and business acquaintance in Lilli Lief, the marketing manager of the center!

….and in the midst of all this travel and business, my beloved Godmother, Therese Gonsalves, passed away on May 23.  She fought the good fight, lived a great life, and will be dearly missed.

I’m off to China next week…working with the Shanghai Design Center.  Check back soon!!


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