Joining Forces

Like you I’m a business owner.  Like you I’m always looking for new clients and usually looking to retain existing ones.  Like you I’d like to work on big projects, high profile projects, and profitable projects.  And like you, as an independent consultant, except for client collaborations, I am primarily working alone.

We are all operating in a new business environment with new ways of doing business.  In early 2011 I hired a social media assistant who keeps me current and visible and pushes me to do things I just wouldn’t know to do without him (like blogging regularly).  He has also helped me to find new ways of using technology for training that have my services convenient and affordable for small businesses.  This is all good….and yet something is still missing…and I think it’s people.

Working alone has some real advantages.  I love the flexibility, prefer calling the shots, and like working odd hours on projects.  The downside is that unless I am on coaching calls with clients, making prospecting calls for new biz, or working on site with clients, I am working alone.  I miss learning from other people and creating cool stuff together.  I’m in a Landmark seminar right now and there are 5 other consultants I am in close connection with and it occurred to me to create something out of that opportunity.  So in early July I will host a dinner party here at my house (which is now finished and more adorable than even I imagined and planned for) to see what we can create together.  I have gotten a sense of similarity and interest from all of them, as we are all in the same boat.  We are of different stripes, from various industries with backgrounds than span corporate – small business – non profit organizations.  I have no idea what will come from this.  What I do have is the possibility of collaboration, partnership and a willingness to learn and grow in ways that are unimaginable to me right now.  So I guess that also includes the possibility of being open and courageous …and grateful for such amazing people in my life.  I’m psyched and will keep you posted…..


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