“Critical Care Coaching”

“Critical Care Coaching”

Do you have one or more people on your sales team who aren’t making goal?
And you KNOW that there are things they should be doing, and aren’t?
And you don’t have the time to coach them yourself?

Give them to me.

I can teach, coach, direct and hold them accountable to results to get them going in a new direction….or get them out the door. I am offering to select sales team leaders a hand, a second set of ears and eyes, and decades of experience producing results with poor and middle performers – that will help yours to get better or to get gone.


[youtube http://youtu.be/36IMEgdkm4Q]


Here’s how it works:

  1. One hour per week – preferably 2, 30 minute Skype video calls. They see me, I see them.
  2. Daily email communications / updates of actions taken and results achieved and feedback to sales performers from me.
  3. Plus, weekly feedback by me to leadership with observations and ‘what to do next’ that will make this process work.
Simple. Effective. Affordable.

Contact me now to get started. Don’t let your poor performers take (and waste) another opportunity that your hard earned money paid for. Call/Email me. Now.

Jody Seivert

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