A Day of Two Cities

I had the very good fortune to spend time this week with a group of designers at the Duralee showroom in Boston.  We gathered to discuss some of the obstacles and challenges facing the designers and see if we could share ideas and success stories that would provide some relief and revenue.  The biggest questions were about pricing, attracting new clients, and managing the multiple tasks that designers juggle.  Some of the responses (respectively) were: have more than one way to price and more than one revenue stream (thank you Windsor Smith), create and work a marketing plan that includes but is not limited to social media, and get an intern to learn the ropes and assist with some of the work load.  I was impressed with the openness of the questions and generosity of the sharing and encouraged the designers to exchange cards and to think about creating a ‘mastermind’ group to continue to share best practices that will benefit everyone.  It was so successful that Doug and I are discussing bringing this ‘town hall’ format to the other Duralee showrooms!

From there I took the train to NYC to see another of my favorites, Jobi Blachy and the team of Edward Ferrell – Lewis Mittman.  We had a great time celebrating Jobi’s 40th birthday, followed by an early morning sales meeting to wrap up July and start August off in a good direction.

I am working on Critical Care Coaching with their Dallas showroom and they are knocking the skin off the ball in Texas!  Not surprising, it’s about aligning the actions (quantity and quality) with the goal you have for the month…and make sure that the sales actions equal and equate to that number.  Sounds simple, but requires honesty and vigilance.  The Lewis Mittman showroom has just undergone a facelift and new product intros (David Herchik Collection is fully represented, and Skip’s new dining table is delicious!).  The warm, golden tones of fabric and finish are just exquisite.

Headed to NYDC and took a late morning spin through 1st dibs on the 10th floor with Dennis Miller of the eponymous showroom.  I hadn’t seen the space or the product, which is awesome and a treasure trove.  As always, there’s a lot happening in that building, with Grange reducing its space a bit (and gorgeous new plank floors – a departure from the ubiquitous black and white tile) and Lexington Brands coming in as a new neighbor.  I couldn’t leave without stopping in to see Maria and Mark at Century.  Their showroom is always beautiful. Always…which is quite a feat, since they are willing to sell off the floor when they need to.

And if that wasn’t enough, I also got to spend the night with my bright and beautiful niece, Johnna, who has just started her career in NYC and is decorating her first apartment (adorable).

Tomorrow night I am “Dining with Consultants” at my house, the action taken following my Joining Forces blog about building connections, referrals, new projects and learning from each other.  And next week – Vegas, baby.

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “A Day of Two Cities

    • It is my pleasure, Skip. And the showroom is beyond gorgeous – inclusive of your beautiful dining table. The finish would make Narcissus cry!

  1. You definately have to be agile these days when it comes ot pricing and fees these days. The challenge is knowing if you price something one way vs. another that at the end of the day you’re still going to be profitable. We’ve learned that you have to restruture your agreements with your clients and that you need to know how much time it actually takes to perform a particular task in order to be able to do so.

    Have a great weekend!


    • You are so right, John. The first question to ask is ‘can I be profitable on this project?’ – then ask, ‘do I want to take it on?’
      I am delighted that you and Sally are doing so well – keep up the great work and keep in touch!

  2. Hi Jody,

    I recently attended the seminar at the Duralee Showroom at the Boston Design Center. Thanks so much for an invaluable hour of information and resources. I realized how much I am missing out, and what I can accomplish to grow my business and make it profitable. Your enthusiasm and knowledge inspired me to take the next step forward.

    Thanks Jody. I definitely see now that ‘there’s only one…..Jody Seivert’.

    Paula O’Sullivan

    • Hi Paula –
      Thanks for coming the seminar and for taking time to respond. I am delighted that you found the information helpful – from me and from the other designers. Keep learning and growing and if you get stuck, shout out! Best, Jody

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