Vegas, baby

At some point in my life, I would like to not be surprised by how my thinking affects my world.  When I got off the plane in Las Vegas, I invented Vegas as my favorite place.  Why? Because that’s where I was.  Much like my favorite house is the one I live in now, my favorite cat is Mina, because she’s the one I have now…you get my drift.  And by inventing it that way, new opportunities started to emerge.

Lorts Furniture Designer Seminar – “Profitable Partnerships”.  We had nearly 100 designers on the edge of their seats listening for what they could do to increase their effectiveness in marketing and their revenues in selling.  They were hungry, engaged and open to whatever new information they were missing from their system or actions that were not being executed consistently to produce new results.  Thank you, Ty Lorts, for sponsoring this event and for your commitment to the designers you serve and thank you to all of the designers who attended.

Las Vegas Design Center Showroom owner meeting with Randy Wells and Cain Brody.  While this is a relatively small interior design community of less than 500 designers, there is nothing small about the commitment of these 2 gentlemen in serving their designers and their showrooms.  I will be working closely with them to support these showrooms with skills development programs and with their designer outreach program to bring more business to the showrooms.

I had the good fortune to hear and see former President Bill Clinton, now of Clinton Global Initiative speak to a pavilion of 12,000 market participants.  He was, not surprisingly, brilliant and accessible.  He spoke for 45 minutes about what CGI is doing around the world to bring skills and systems to developing nations to build their economies and address some of their greatest challenges.  He spoke of his concerns about our own economy and highly recommended reading The Next American Economy by William J. Holstein with examples of innovation and manufacturing currently being done in the U.S.  I left the event inspired and wishing I’d voted for Hillary…..

I sat in on the Trend panel discussion with 3 successful celebrity designers: Anthony Baratta, Nathan Turner and Jeffrey Alan Marks.  They toured the market looking for specific things: color, retro products, black & whites, swivels, specific shapes and functions.  It was a great presentation and I was especially taken with Anthony’s declaration that ‘high end custom may be unnecessary, when I can find great looking product that I don’t have to wait forever to get’.  Take heed everyone with lead times of 16 weeks!

International Market CentersI am very excited about what this corporation can create and accomplish for the home furnishings and interior design industries.  They now own the lion share of properties in High Point and Las Vegas, where 4 markets are held.  And under the insightful direction of Bob Maricech, I am hopeful that their sense of the market and their focus on the future will bring a new cooperative effort, energy and accomplishment when we need it most – like right now.


2 thoughts on “Vegas, baby

    • I am delighted to hear that! And am equally excited to be working with you and the other LVDC showrooms to bring more business to your showrooms and the center. Let’s keep in touch!

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