Joining Forces 2 – “Dining with Consultants”

The night was balmy, the wine was flowing, the conversation spirited, and the desire to share and listen deeply abundant.  I hosted the event at my house and dinner on the deck was sweet and delicious (if I must say so myself).

The five of us came together to learn more about what each of us does, what we like about our consulting work, what’s working and not working, and what we would each like to create for ourselves for the future.  And we came open to learn from each other if there were best practices that we weren’t already using.

There were some immediate referrals and advice given, but for the most part the evening served as a starting point to explore and define a future that left to our own devices we were not crafting out as clearly and specifically as we did when we articulated it to each other.

And as we do with our clients as consultants, we left with a series of questions to answer and return to the group to share again.  Those questions were:

  1. What is the purpose of your consulting?  a) Money goals    b) Other goals.
  2. What do you want and need that you don’t already have?  a) That I don’t know how to get   b) That I found out about at the dinner and will take action on
  3. What do I know that I am not doing, could do, but keep not doing? a) I know what stops me and it is….    b) I don’t know what stops me…
  4. What is the support I can use from this group?
  5. My dream consulting business is….
  6. What I learned from our first meeting is….
  7. Next steps relative to our discussion or this group are….
  8. Other key skills, abilities and / or talents I want the group to know about are…

Over the next week or so we completed these questions and (often with a resume or bio attached) sent them to the group so that we all know what we are each creating and where we can help each other.   We have a conference call scheduled for early September and a second meeting scheduled for October.

I’m excited about this group and what we can teach each other, hold each other accountable for, and direct each other to.  There is power in numbers and especially in a group of dedicated professionals who are generous in their listening, in their sharing and in their desire to build success.  More to come….

Take a look in your own community and see if putting together a group of like minded professionals has value for you.  And if you need help in structuring it, please let me know.


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