May I?

In addition to not wanting to participate in our current cultural diminution of manners and civility, I find that asking permission is a very effective way to get someone’s attention. Clearly, you are different just by asking. And for the sellers among us, the key to providing solutions for the buyer that are spot on correct is by asking questions. Good questions. High-gain questions, in which your phrasing opens the buyer to express much more than the simplicity of the question asked (such as “What can you tell me about your project?”).

By connecting in the first selling step, we hope to be in a good position in the second step (Qualifying) to have earned the right to ask the questions we need to ask to get the answers we need to have. And ANYTHING that forwards the ability to do that is worth investigating and trying.

In a selling situation, the seller needs to ask questions. Many sellers feel that they are invading the buyer’s privacy by asking too many questions. Asking permission that is granted by the buyer eliminates that restrictive reaction.

I love the concept of asking permission to ask questions. I love asking anyone I’m in conversation with who is talking about something interesting to ask them “May I ask you a question?” Most people, in response to that question and without missing a beat, will say “Yes”. And will pause and listen to the question being asked and enjoy the attention and care of being listened to intently.

Try it with people you love, try it with people you’ve just met. Just try it.


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