It’s More Than That…..

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have employment today, a little gratitude, please.  Here’s an emerging fact – if you have the job today that you invented for yourself or were hired to do a few years ago, you do NOT have the same job you started oh, so long ago.

Your job now has MORE to it that it used to.  It has aspects to it and things to do now that it didn’t have before, aspects that may be core elements to the job today.

I talked to my ex-husband recently and he shared how his role has changed in his company, Twilight Productions.  Nick Seivert books entertainment for events and hospitality and, like the rest of us, has been belt-tightening in the last couple of years just to stay afloat.  In doing that, he had to let go and took the place of the people he had on staff who would go to the event and see that all is well with the talent and with the client.  By doing it himself now, he found that he engages with the client as set up occurs, asks about how the event is going, and how his people are doing.  As a result, each and every time he goes on a set up call, he books more business, just by being there and talking/listening to the client, who invariably asks him if he can book other events.  It didn’t start out as his intention, but he is maximizing each opportunity that the staff people before him never, ever did.

So, what does this mean to you?  Whining about changes in your job, how it’s unfair, this isn’t what you signed on for, and on and on and on doesn’t change a thing other than your state of (un)happiness.  You can look for another job, one that’s more like the job you started – and it’s likely that this job has morphed over the last few years, too.  Or you can accept the changes and identify what’s new that you need to learn and incorporate into what the job requires now to perform at the level you used to perform at.  Where the real power here is to give up the resistance that your job is not the way you want it to be and to pine for the old job which is not returning any time soon, if ever.  The new responsibilities aren’t the cause of angst, it’s the resistance to them that is fatiguing, joyless, and a huge waste of time….time that is better spent engaged and falling in love with the life and job you have now, right now, today.


3 thoughts on “It’s More Than That…..

    • Thanks, Ken! Absolutely….and there is so much that we can influence and control, especially ourselves! Thanks for reading my blog – there are more, so keep reading and responding. Happy Holidays! Jody

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