Stop. Start.

I was riding the train home from NYC, revisiting meetings, counting my blessings, and working on my goals for 2012 when a pattern started to emerge. I noticed that all of the things I was grateful for, worried about, intentional to create, committed to not doing again fell into just a few categories. And those categories made writing qualitative goals and actions just as valuable as crafting quantitative ones. So I thought I’d take this opportunity, before you head out for holiday travel and have some time to ponder what you want to create for the coming year, to share some simple steps….


  • How much do you need to make to cover your expenses, including putting money into savings and paying off debt?
  • How much will you invest in your retirement this year?
  • Is there a holiday you’ve been dreaming and want to do in 2012?
  • And what does your company need you to write to keep your seat and to contribute to the company growth?
  • Given those and any other needs and wants, what do you need to generate in sales to do those? BE SPECIFIC.


  • Who do you want to continue doing business with – and how will you deepen the relationship in ways that are meaningful to both of you?
  • Who do you not work with now but would like to work with in 2012?
  • Who will you release – and let someone else work with them or let them find another way to satisfy their heart’s desire – and fill that space with someone new?
  • Who do you need to forgive, ask for forgiveness from, or accept just as they are and as they are not?


  • To do the above, what are the skills you need to develop?
  • What systems have you been avoiding putting in place, but really need to incorporate to move onward and upward?
  • Where can you be a resource to others as your contribution to their future and the industry you serve?

Simple? Yes.  Time consuming? Maybe.  Worth it? For sure.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog, for sharing with me what you find valuable, for asking me to address topics that are challenging to you, and for passing it along to others who may find something for themselves.

Here’s to a kind and gentle holiday with your loved ones. I hope your year closes softly with few regrets and a sense of completion upon which to begin the New Year.

And may 2012 be your best year yet.

With Love,

5 thoughts on “Stop. Start.

  1. Wow Jody! Love the thought provoking questions! Thank you for being such a generator and contributor! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

    • Thanks, Lynn. I am so enjoying blogging, and throughout the day, during almost every conversation, there is a thread of ‘something’ that starts to build a new post. Or an email response, especially a professional/personal issue. It’s awesome and I am so grateful for it, for you, for my life. Thanks for being part of it. And I hope you and your family have an amazing holiday together. With much love, Jody

  2. Hello Jody!

    I love your note, it’s as if I was sitting across the table from you, and can sense your excitement and see your eyes light up… I say that, because I have worked with you in the past , and I know that you are one smart cookie..!
    Thank you for all your wonderful advise, throughout my career. I will be passing this along to my sister that works at Kittles Furniture in Indianapolis.
    I am continuing my development of Brendyart totes, and more…
    Love Brendy

    • Thanks, Brenda!
      I am delighted to hear that you enjoy the posts and that you are passing them along! I hope this next year has a breakthrough for Brendyart! Keep me posted. Love, Jody

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