New Business in 2012 (Video)


Please take a moment to watch this video and browse the new programs I created for you this year. These were specifically designed to help improve your revenue and business, as well as build stronger relationships between managers, sales teams, and your customers.


Check In

  • No term agreement, hourly rate with the greatest amount of flexibility
  • Either conference call or Skype video call for ease and convenience
  • Use individually or as a group
  • No travel expenses!
  • Intended to boost motivation and performance – can be used as needed.

Tune Up

  • Quarterly sales meeting with a yearly agreement
  • Half day on site
  • Review goals and actions for past period and establish goals and actions for upcoming quarter.

Critical Care Coaching (Watch the video for C3 here)

  • 3 month agreement
  • 2, 30 minute Skype video calls per week
  • Daily email communications between sales team and Jody Seivert
  • Weekly email updates to leadership of how team is performing and support / practice needed to cement new skills and habits.
  • No on site meetings, no travel expenses!

________________________________________________________ | 877-663-9663

Committed to Raising Revenues!

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