Maison+Objet 2012 (Day 2, Pictures)

The last blog focused on new things and new trends from this year’s show. In this blog I wanted to showcase some beautiful merchandising and display ideas – things we just don’t see in the States. So enjoy lots of photos and very little content and commentary!

This was a chocolatier – notice the chocolate tins on the back wall….

and the adorable clerk.

Large, blue and white, and blue and white, and white….  : )

4 dancing women body painted the same as the stone finishes. Wild.

Several textile spaces had samples on spools for the cutting. Very cool.

Using seasonal buds and blossoms again and again.

HUGE floral arrangements, repeated.

High contrast and repletion.

Sweet lighting and ceramic vignette – defying gravity.

Including art and lighting AS a space.

See if you can find the people in this shot – they blended in sooo much with the merchandise!


And, not surprisingly, the spaces with the greatest amount of color and light had the greatest number of people in them. Food for thought.


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