It was an intimate gathering of a dozen smartly attired interior designers, with pens and iPads poised for note taking as Leslie Fine of the eponymous firm spoke about Social Media at the M-Geough showroom in the Boston Design Center this morning.  Leslie shared how she uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and her blog to connect with industry leaders and to inform and stay informed of design and lifestyle news and changes.  She LOVES the engagement with others who share her passion for ongoing information and beautiful places and things, and she brought a simple structure and strategy to those who have yet to embark on their process of personal expression and to build connections their target audience and professional circle of acquaintances.  It was so generous of her to bring her perspective and experience to a group that someone with a smaller vision might see as competition…. while Leslie sees it as sharing what she knows with her community and helping other designers to capitalize on this new way of communicating and doing business.  And it was with that same spirit of contribution that Jim and Susan MGeough brought this slice of expertise to their designer customers as their commitment to the professional partnerships that they are proud to share.  Thank you all for what you do and for who you are.


2 thoughts on “Generosity

    • Thanks, Holly! And thank you for your participation in putting the event together and for you ongoing commitment to the growth and success of your designer clients.

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