Next common thread….

….from the coaching conversations with designers in response to the Pricing Design 2012 survey.  The commonality was the lack of specific qualifying and intake questions to ask prospects when they call you.  So here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I have a phone screen checklist so that I can ask every prospect the same questions to find out if this is a good fit for both of us?  The objective of these questions is to get to the next meeting or to graciously exit now.
  2. Is my website reflective of my projects, such that I can use it as a step in the decision making process for my prospective clients?  Does it have testimonials from clients that are descriptive of the challenges and successes of the projects we did together?  Are there images that show before and after or progress of the projects? Are there finished photos that are professionally shot that show my work in the best way?  Have I asked the prospect to go to my site before I meet with them to see if my projects and work aligns with them?
  3. Do I have an objective for this first meeting?  Have I created an intake form to use for my first meeting with clients so that I will ASK questions of them and their wants, needs and expectations instead of talking and telling too much?  Am I using this meeting to further explore this project to determine if it is a profitable venture for me and my company?  Have I asked them to use images so that I can visually understand what it is they want to accomplish with me?

If you don’t already know this, please understand that I want you to be wildly successful and to invest your time and talent where it will be appreciated, valued and paid for.  To get that to happen, invest your time in asking questions to determine objectively as well as intuitively who’s right for you…and to do it in the least amount of time.  Don’t give your talent away in order to try to get their business…it doesn’t work and it makes you resentful and crabby.  Just ask more questions.


2 thoughts on “Next common thread….

    • Thank you, Holly. As you know, the end users are changing and we have to change with them. You are an extraordinary example of incorporating new ideas and strategies that work with the evolving clients and designers. Thanks so much for your commitment to excellence and partnership.

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