Living the Commitment

I am delighted to participate in a showroom training program that delivers on its commitment to building partnerships with designers and helps them to develop and improve their business practices…which in turn help them to close more projects and increase their revenues.

Last Thursday, I was honored to be the speaker at an event at the M-Geough showroom in the Boston Design Center.  It was an intimate gathering of designers, showroom salespeople and owners, sharing challenges and best practices – especially in response to the rapidly changing marketplace and end user habits.   Some of the topics discussed were asking great questions (try this one – whenever you contact a client and begin a conversation, start it with “What’s changed since we last spoke?”),  creating and sticking to design agreements, and innovative marketing strategies to build new business.  The listening and ideas were generous and thought provoking, and there was no shortage of conversation!

This event is one of the monthly business development events that M-Geough is offering their designers this year… and a great example of walking the talk of partnership and commitment.  Thank you to Jim, Susan, Jim T, Holly, Judy, Wendy and Gary for putting together such a meaningful meeting.


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