I bought a new dracaena to replace a plant that I thought I had killed by over watering. The symptoms were that the tops of the plant shoots looked as if they had been smashed – and nothing around them could have fallen on them to create the damage.  I selected another variety that I thought I’d have better luck with.

The morning after the replacement was in place I found snapped tops again…which could only mean one thing – The Lovely Mina the Cat had jumped up and bitten off the tops of the plant. My loud banging, yelling NO!!! (cats hate noise) to create as much unpleasantness as I could did nothing to keep her from jumping up again and snapping the one remaining stem, killing the plant.

Not to be outdone by a creature with a walnut-sized brain, I created a different interference…paper with tape, sticky side up so that when she jumped up again (as I knew she would) she would land on what would creep her out.  It took 2 jumps to do the trick – one was a surprise, and the other a confirmation.

And I had to look at where else in my life and work I am using strategies that aren’t working.  Where else do I have to move further ahead in the process to shift the method or action that will produce the result I want?  Where am I being stubborn and unwilling to give up what I am doing, even when it’s not working, and try it another way?

Until next time….


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