An Event-full Event

Last Wednesday I was the featured speaker at an event presented by Sherwin-Williams at the Boston Design Center.  My topic was “Social Media for Designers” – how to use it to increase visibility and revenue with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  I was able to use designer/tastemaker Mark Sunderland of Sunderland Interiors /Antiques as an example of how you can really capitalize on the benefits for FB and Pinterest for connection, style direction, selling product and sharing your (in his case, hilarious) self.  And I was happy to recommend Monica Rodgers / Revelation Media as a company that can manage the social media needs of busy designers.

And if that wasn’t enough, I got to reconnect with friends like Sydney Marshall Turner, who’s returned to Boston and is re-establishing her One Day Decorating business and with Christine Fuchs of Tassels, who writes the most incredible e-newsletter to her clients and prospects.

Our host, Sherwin-Williams, introduced “Chip It!” a very cool download program that allows you to identify their paint colors in any image you select.  And they also took the time to introduce a new no VOC, high durability paint called Emerald.

What I loved most about the event was how Heather and Christy of S-W created a simple environment (with lots of green!!), engagement between the corporate people (who were in Boston for dealer meetings and attended the event) and designers, and packed a lot into a very short time without shortcutting anyone or anything.

And for those who signed up and were unable to attend and other designers around the US who would like to learn more, we are creating a webinar of the event so that you can get what you missed or couldn’t fly in to attend.  I will post that on FB and here on the blog, so watch for it!


3 thoughts on “An Event-full Event

    • Thanks! It’ll be a live webinar and likely will have a Q+A, so stay tuned and I’ll post either on blog or on FB when and how to register.

  1. Jody, thanks for your informative speech and for very kind mention of my “most incredible” e-newsletter! I enjoy writing my monthly newsletter as a way to stay connected with my clients and prospects. In addition to sending the newsletters to my clients and prospects, I also post them on my Facebook page at If you like my Facebook page, you will automatically receive them. Cheers, Christine

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