Loaning Fabrics / Making Appointments

Making appointments is one way to increase your personal traffic and to manage your time effectively.  Since Be Back appointments increase close ratio by 2x and double average sale, and House Call appointments increase close ratio 4x and the same multiplier for average sale, the purpose of making appointments when a customer requests to take a fabric home is to produce a positive result for you and the customer – an appointment.  The added benefit is that you get your fabric back at a time when someone is prepared to do something with the customer.

Fabrics being loaned are a way of getting appointments and allowing the customer to see the fabric in different lighting in their home, with the other pieces in the room.  It’s not about punishing the customer for taking fabric home.  If the customer is not committed enough to make an appointment to come back and continue the process with YOU, are they really committed enough to take the fabric home at all?  It’s not that they can’t take the fabric if you won’t make an appointment…that’s the tail wagging the dog.  I offer the BB or the HC as an option for the customer to choose from, not because it’s a hard and fast rule for appointments, but when offered as an option, the customer will usually choose one, and usually the BB.  And if the salesperson cannot make an opportunity out of going to the house, it’s about THAT not about the fabric sample or the rule of mandatory-ness.

Currently you may have salespeople who are not getting a deposit for the fabric AND not scheduling an appointment to return the fabric, and maybe not be getting contact information or putting the customer in the system as a quote – a lose/lose proposition.  Appointments are one way to reduce that behavior and those results and replace them with actions that produce new business at a time when it can be prepared for and managed.

With love and your success in mind,

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