It’s Bonus Time!

It’s Bonus Time!

For interior designers

Between mid-February and mid-March is when Wall Street and financial types get their yearly bonus.  It’s a good time for you to sharpen up your marketing activities – send an eblast, write a ‘miss you’ letter to past clients, craft and send a brief newsletter with thoughts and prompts for spring projects and summer installations.  Go to your database and select those past and present clients who might have cut a project short when the funds dried up or clients who want to start a new project when the funds appear.  Better yet, just call them and see how they are doing, how they fared the winter, and what their plans are for spring.  Have your calendar ready to make an appointment.

And while you have your calendar open, put these activities in for same time next year…and press the ‘recurring activity’ button.

Now, go sell something.


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