Look Up. Get Up.


For showroom salespeople

Is your computer screen keeping you from seeing the customer who just walked in?

I was talking with Dennis Miller (Featured Designer 1/2013) the other day about this…he asked if it was a pervasive problem in other showrooms, and maybe even one of our own creation.  With the reduction in traffic into retail and trade showrooms, I have been encouraging, insisting and even demanding (no, not really…..well, maybe) that salespeople generate sales from marketing to their database and attracting new clients and customers.  That takes time and it takes attention.  And it needs to be done during slower showroom traffic times in order to balance outreach activities with incoming opportunities.

Here’s an old retail thought to consider – a customer in front of you always takes precedence over a customer on the phone or a sales support activity.  If you’re on the phone when someone comes in, then a smile a nod / wink and a silent ‘be right with you’ is essential to having them feel welcomed and acknowledged.  And then get up and go talk to them.  Let’s not wait for them to come up to you at your desk before a greeting occurs.

Look at your traffic logs and see when the busiest times are in your showroom so that the marketing activities you are doing then are ‘light’ activities, like writing thank you notes and making after delivery/installation follow up calls.  That way your primary focus is to be available to incoming customers.  Early and later in the day are often good times to dig deeper into marketing calls and also a better time to reach people.  Try it a few different ways to see what works for your showroom and then consciously schedule those blocks of time in your calendar.

Thanks Dennis for bringing this up.  And I welcome everyone’s input on how this plays out in your showroom.

Now, go sell something.


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