Feel the Love


Sorry, I’ve been out of touch for the last few weeks.

I had the good fortune to spend the day in Las Vegas last week at the Flexsteel Sales Meeting with 65 salespeople who were gathered there to learn more about the product and to improve their selling skills.

My topic was “How to Connect with Anybody!” and the follow up calls with the salespeople over the last couple of days have been inspiring and downright amazing.  This is one of my favorite programs because the results are strong and quick and for most of the participants there is an internal shift that happens and impacts personal and professional interactions that is very moving.

Since the program is all about that those critical first few minutes of connecting, it’s heartwarming to hear how the participants clearly get that what happens with the customer when they walk in the showroom has SO much to do with how they are received and greeted.  A lot of it is non-verbal, under-the-radar communication that has the customer feel welcomed (or not), feel comfortable (or not) and feel accepted (or not).  Hmmmm, a lot of feelings there…..

One of the salespeople told me that her close ratio over the weekend was 100% – she connected with and closed every up she got. EVERY ONE.  Another said that he ‘got to neutral’ when he caught himself judging the customer and stopped it, replacing it with ‘happy to see you’ that he really meant and got a sale that he never would have gotten before.  And another said that she’s just happier – at work, at home, with herself – since she stopped being frustrated with people who weren’t doing what she wanted them to do and just accepted them (and herself) just the way they are…and her sales have dramatically improved.  In just one week.


I am so blessed to do what I do and to bring this kind of opportunity to salespeople and their managers and to the customers they wait on around the country.  And I get to repeat this program in a couple of weeks in Chicago with Walter E Smithe designer / sales team.  Can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Feel the Love

  1. So nice hearing that you’re still getting such positive feedback. (Quel Surprise! ) We never should “judge a book by it’s cover.” Sometimes, those people in the most-tattered clothes and in their worst moods SPEND THE MOST MONEY; One Never Knows, Does One?!!! Another inspirational blog as I prepare for my antique exhibit this weekend in Atlanta! ………thanks for those Success Stories, Jody! Fondly, Mark Sunderland.

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