When do you give up?


For salespeople


At what point in the sales process do you start to tell yourself  “It’s not gonna happen”?

It’s subtle at first.  It often starts with disappointment – maybe the buyer didn’t do something you wanted them to do.  Maybe they didn’t call you back or return an email.  Maybe they didn’t keep an appointment or cancelled without rescheduling.  Maybe they said ‘I’ll get back to you” and that didn’t occur.  That disappointment then lead to frustration and discouragement….and then you just stopped trying and took them off your list of possible sales for this month, or ever.

Whatever it was, there was a point in time that you started to think something other than YES.  And it might not have been because you got a solid NO from the buyer, but rather that the process didn’t move along as swiftly or smoothly as you wanted, expected or imagined it should.  And that resignation started to permeate all of your other opportunities as well.

The power here is not that this never has or never will happen to you.  The power here is noticing WHEN it happens and replacing resignation with another more effective action.  That may be talking to someone who doesn’t share your current perspective, or taking a walk around the building, or doing 50 jumping jacks – SOMETHING to change your state of mind before you get to neutral thinking, envision a positive outcome to the next call, and pick up the phone again and dial.  Resignation is habituated thinking that can be replaced with persistence, an amazing tool for anyone selling anything.

Now, go sell something.


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