Featured Designer (September 2013): Tylor Devereaux

September 2013

Featured designer: Tylor Devereaux
Grand Rapids, MI | http://www.tdinteriordesign.com/

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I had the pleasure of meeting Tylor Devereaux a few years ago when I was speaking at the Michigan Design Center.  The connection was instant.  I was drawn to his personality, his humor, his direct style of communicating, and his inquisitiveness and willingness to take a look at how he was running his design practice.  And while his business was good, he was looking for opportunities to take it to the next level.  We worked together for a few months and made some structural changes that improved several aspects of his business.  He has since gone on to be a contestant on HGTV and continues to thrive as a designer.  I’m delighted that he’s our Featured Designer for this month!


1.  What are the biggest changes you have seen to the industry and to your business in the last 5 years?

The biggest changes I have seen in the last five years:  Two thoughts: Dolly-decorators have pretty much faded into the sunset- THANK GOODNESS!  The pros survived the fluctuation in the economy and the rest have been weeded out.  Second-clients shopping on the internet.  To a client, a sofa on blahblah.com may look great, but without the knowledge and experience of the designer-they can really be lead in a bad direction.  Both help to strengthen our interior design profession and I absolutely love that.


2.  What have you done in your business to respond to those changes – and how is that working for you?

Proving to clients that professionalism in the design field is key to a great working relationship.  Letter of agreement is always signed, standing by fee structure, being honest, fair and consistent with my clients.



3.  What do you predict for the future of the interior design industry – and how can designers prepare for that?

No matter what the future holds, we as interior designers are in a great place.  Talent, honesty and enthusiasm will always reign in our industry-anything else is just fluff and puff.  Clients crave a wonderful experience, end results they can be proud of and to feel that we worth the investment.


2 thoughts on “Featured Designer (September 2013): Tylor Devereaux

    • Thank you Susan. Glad that you liked it and took the time to say so! Hope your business is doing well and you are making (and keeping) money. Best, Jody

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