What do You Call Yourself?

As salespeople, we often bristle at names and labels. Some salespeople don’t even like being called salespeople, and prefer ‘sales consultant’ or some other, more elevated title.

Imagine if we called ourselves by what we actually DO. 

Let’s explore a few…..

What’s an Order Taker?

Someone who facilitates an interaction, but offers no new information, adds nothing of value or significance to the interaction, asks for no additional products other than the original product that was requested.  The interaction could easily be handled by technology because no human aspect of the interaction expanded or forwarded the sale.

What’s a Clerk? 

Someone who may have a specific product that they sell (as in a designated department), but like an order taker, they primarily transact the business.  They might be polite and maybe even engaging, so they do add something to the experience, but they aren’t developing the connection with the customer to become something more or something for the future. 

What’s a Teller?

By definition, a teller is similar to a clerk.  But I’ve been paying particular attention to the conversations between customers and sellers lately, and I think a teller is someone who talks and talks and talks – about the product, about the process, about themselves, about nothing, you name it – either consciously because they think it improves the connection or unconsciously because they just, well, talk too much. 

What’s a Salesperson?

Someone who takes selling seriously –who learns and practices the skills of preparing, connecting, qualifying, presenting, managing concerns, getting commitments and following up – and keeps practicing.  It’s someone who balances their goals and objectives with those of the customer.  It’s a sales ‘consultant’ who deeply develops the connection, knows their product and services so that they can mix and match them to satisfy customer needs. As a matter of fact, a consultative salesperson develops ‘clients’ from customers….who keep coming back for more. 


Call yourself whatever fits, but fit what you call yourself.   There’s honor and reward to being a GREAT salesperson, but it takes more, so much more than being a good order taker.

Now, go sell something.

Love, Jody

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