Take 10

For designers and salespeople everywhere

I am often inspired to write by the conversations I have with amazing people in our industry. Shari Korn, the outside salesperson and showroom manager for Rose Tarlow – Melrose House in Los Angeles is such a person.  She and I were discussing performance and how to make actions and results simple so that they can be executed and achieved consistently.

She said to take your Top Ten customers and clients and call them every week to 10 days. Yup, every week to 10 days. Implicit in that is you have to have different reasons to call them every call. Or you can rotate calling and visiting them.  The point is to be in constant contact and visible and top of mind and every other term that describes being present in their world, so that you know what is going on with them and you can be the first person they see and think of when they need something…something YOU have to offer them.

Another ‘10’ I got was from Jennifer West at Jennifer West Interiors in Seattle, WA.  She has her sales team call 10 clients and prospects before 10:00 am.  “10 by 10” just to get the day started in the right direction.

Pick your number, pick your action, and pick your time of day to start creating consistent habits that produce consistent results.

Now, go sell something and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



3 thoughts on “Take 10

  1. Good advice, will start following it though 10 iis not the number of clients I have yet, but no matter the number, it’s the discipline I’m taking from your post. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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