High Point Design Center – Unity in Design

I had the honor of speaking at this event recently and was moved by the participation and commitment of everyone involved – the showrooms, the manufacturers, the designers, and the design students. 

High Point Design Center is a collection of showrooms sprawling across downtown High Point Market who have created a design center for designers to shop and bring their clients. Unlike other design centers, the showroom managers are the leaders of this design center enterprise, creating educational events for designers and design competitions for design students that award scholarships to the winners. They are also responsible for the marketing to attract and service their design community.  The participating showrooms are open on Wednesdays for designers (and some are open every day) to bring clients and to shop for product for projects.  One of the cool things about this design center is that the showrooms have a full array of products to see.

While it’s not my intention to ‘endorse’, it is my desire to draw attention to those who support designer business and are looking to build partnerships….and who are not a big player yet but looking to become one.  Check them out!



Betsy Lindsay – Feizy Rug, yours truly, Ron Bristow – Capel Rugs and current President of HPDC.


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