Obstacles and Opportunities…


Obstacles and Opportunities….

For all sales professionals

 ….Are often similar when you are setting goals and writing action plans.  For instance, if you are a trade showroom, ‘design week’ is an opportunity for you to make new contacts and create new quotes.  However, when you set sales / written order goals for the week, ‘design week’ is also an obstacle to spending time calling quotes that are already in your pipeline that you want to close.   

As a retail sales person a holiday weekend or a major impact sale period might be a good opportunity to see a lot of new people and to close immediate new business. It might be an obstacle for previously scheduled appointments because you want to be available for new business….but it is an opportunity to schedule new appointments to come back during the later part of the sale period if they are unable to close now. 

 The take away here is to look at these traffic builders as opportunities and as obstacles and to see how to prepare and create actions for both.  What are the opportunities to take advantage of?  What are the offsets to make the obstacles less challenging?   Most sales professionals don’t factor these in when preparing for the sales period and either use a high traffic event as an excuse for lack of follow up action or don’t engage fully enough in new business cultivation.  Acknowledging and preparing for both greatly increases your chance of hitting goal.

 Now, go sell something!!!

 Love, love, love…


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