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I wanted to write a blog a month that addresses specific things that you want help with.  So, on the fourth Tuesday of every month I will post an “Ask Jody” blog that responds to a specific issue that you send me that you want help with. It can be something relating to processes that you use that may not be as efficient or effective as you would like them to be, or it might be a client or customer issue that troubles you, or a selling opportunity that you want help with before you present to close or want to recap after you closed it – or didn’t close it.  My request to you is to send me LOTS of obstacles that you are up against and want another perspective on. Will you do that?

In the meantime, I (Jody) am going to ask YOU something…..

I am looking for your input. I love writing blogs…. and offering you information that helps you to grow your business.  I want to start presenting webinars on a regular basis and thought it prudent to ASK about you what you would like before I started creating and marketing them….as it’s ‘better to have something that people want to buy than it is to have something to sell’ to quote Sharon Drew Morgen. 

So here are my questions to you:

  1. Would you like for me to offer webinars that you can sign up for and attend?
  2. If so, what are some topics you would like to see?
  3. Are CEU’s with webinars important to you?
  4. Is there a day or time that tends to work better for you?
  5. Would you like live, recorded or both? 

Please just ‘reply’ to this blog/email and thank you SO much for your feedback on this. 

Now, go sell something!

Love, love, love,



7 thoughts on “Ask Jody

  1. Not webinars– prefer live talks and classes at the Ohio Design Center. As of right now– Tuesday/ Thursday afternoon (maybe 11 or after) are best for me. Thursday is the best

    Christine B. Haught, ASID CHRISTINE HAUGHT, LTD. INTERIOR DESIGN office: 330.659.0087 cell: 330.962.6668 fax: 720.294.8890

    Promise to Delight and Enchant…


    • Thanks, Christine. I sent Lillie at ODC an email last week about a fabulous 2 part (.2 CEU) program: “Probing and Prioritizing” and “Pricing and Profitability” – will follow up and see if we can make it happen sometime soon. Thanks so much for your input. I’ll keep you posted. Cheers, Jody

  2. Hi Jody, I am interested in webinars on pricing, project management, trends, probably just about anything. I am also a real estate agent and my days are hectic, so there is no one day or time that works for me, but I would love to be able to watch a recorded one late at night. CEUs are not important for me; I am just looking for valuable content.


    Cathy Perry

    Renovate and Redesign, LLC

    Wildwood, MO

  3. Thanks Cathy – that’s really helpful! And are there any particular issues that you are struggling with that you would like to see included? Best, Jody

  4. Hi Jody Yes, I would be interested in attending your webinars. CEUs are not important to me. As you know I rep a mfg but I know that window treatment dealers would benefit from webinars or posts on -How to differentiate yourself from the competition -Effective client interviewing techniques -Choosing the right vendor partners and product offering -Profit margin vs mark up -Determining your basic profit needs -Marketing and self promotion -Combating e commerce -Effective client issue resolution -Time blocking, scheduling and prioritizing -Capturing project time

    Access depends on the length. Recorded webinars are nice as they allow the viewer to watch at a convenient time but negate the opportunity for interaction. Given enough notice, I can generally attend live webinars. I book appts 2 weeks out generally. Monday afternoon or Friday mid day are ideal for me.

    Thank you for asking for input. Sue

    *Sue Welbourn*

    *Comfortex Window Fashions*

    Northern IL & WI Territory Manager

    312.758.1078 Cell

    800.843.4151 Customer & Technical Service

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    • Thank you SO much, Susan. This is GREAT information as I put together topics for webinars – and topics for on site presentations, too. And these are also good blog topics.
      Thanks for taking the time and really thinking about what would help you to run your business more efficiently and effectively.
      I look forward to assisting you to do that!
      Cheers and love,

  5. Yes for webinars, live or taped. CEUs VERY-IMPORTANT!!!! You sharing designer recent success-stories would be great. 21st Century drapery closings great. Mark Sunderland, Allied Member ASID; Atlanta.

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