A Fun Night Was Had By All….

Thank you to IFDA and Baker, Knapp & Tubbs / Boston for a wonderful event last night on Styling and Photographing Spaces. It was a well attended affair as Stephanie Rossi of Spazio Rosso Styling and Interiors showed us how stylists set products and pieces to be photographed for publication. She offered that information and editing were 2 key elements in setting the space: what you want the viewer to know and what can you edit from the space so that it reads and informs the viewer the way you want them to see it.



She and Greg used 3 vignettes in the Baker space: a living room, a dining room and a bedroom, to show how the space needs to be edited and lit for maximum effectiveness.


Photographer Greg Premru showed us, using a computer attached to his camera and a 50” television monitor, how items are moved in a space and how lighting is altered to achieve different effects. Greg gave a half day photo session as a raffle prize, which Peter Dolat from Miele initially won and generously donated to a designer. It was a lot of fun, great to see so many designers and industry partners, and I am looking forward to the next event!

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