Next Steps….

Next Steps for the Second Half

For Sales and Design professionals everywhere

In my last blog “The Second Half” I asked you several questions about your performance to date. Now, these may be questions that make you dizzy. Questions that have answers that are unknown to you because you may not dig that deeply into your business practices. It may be that you might take a look, but don’t really know how to identify the problem or obstacle that keeps you from hitting your goals. Or you may be afraid to look for fear of what you’ll find! Or you may be able to identify the problem but don’t know how to solve it.


Whatever the reason or resistance, just take a moment and take a look. It’s just information and there is nothing there that can hurt you. And if you are interested but hesitant to go there alone, send me an email or pick up the phone and call me. In a free 15 minute call, I am sure that we can pinpoint a couple of opportunities for growth and an action or two to go with them that might transform your business for 2014.

hit your target

It’s worth a shot.

Now, go sell something.
Cheers and love,

Jody Seivert 300 dpi

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