Gallery 65 on William – September: The only thing constant…. change and my have things have changed here at Gallery 65!


Artist Marc St Pierre, Nicole’s husband, has officially moved his studio to the back of the L shaped space and a wall has been erected that separated the ‘studio’ space has from the main showroom. Nicole now shares the studio space with Marc and has set up her sewing machines back there with him. It’s amazing how the feel of the showroom space has changed by putting up the wall that stops the eye and flow of energy toward the back of the building. It feels more concentrated and cohesive, and the art/merchandise looks more attractive and eye-catching now. What a simple wall movement will do!

The new wall and the corner created by it now serves as the location for the monthly Featured Artist – and this month it’s Bob Lavoie and his lovely gouaches of fishing boats and working waterfront images.

On the business side, Sarah has been working on her customer database and Nicole has been using MailChimp to send the Gallery newsletter. On the selling side, we again discussed ‘Connecting’ and the steps required to transform a ‘browser’ into a buyer. Sarah had a lovely experience with 2 women who came into the gallery within the last couple of weeks and were looking around at items on the tabletops…and Sarah said “Look UP…there are lovely paintings on the walls that you haven’t seen!”. And they bought 2 paintings!! The interraction prompted a great conversation about opening questions that encourage customers interact, such as: “Are you looking for something for yourself or someone you love?”

All retail showrooms need to pay special attention to this critical, critical step.

pottery in window

Look what’s in season at Gallery 65!hats in shop

Also this Fall: September Events – Trunk Show with Marjorie Puryear, Paper hat making event with Alyn Carlson! October Event – Marc St Pierre will be the Featured Artist of the Month. I am excited about the direction of the Gallery….so stay tuned!

Love, Jody

Jody Seivert 300 dpi

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