Failure to Perform

For sales managers and salespeople everywhere

success failure

It’s simple. Failure to perform is caused by a few things…. that I’ve listed in a quasi-prioritized fashion. Remember there are endless excuses but very few causes.

1. No clear, achievable and measurable goal

Is what you intend to achieve specifically spelled out? Such as ‘Write $75,ooo in November”, “Increase sales volume by 10% over same period last year”, “Schedule 3 new prospect goalappointments in the next 30 days”.
 Without clear and incremental focus, it’s hard to know if you hit the target and it’s even harder to create a list of actions that would achieve it!

2. An insufficient strategy

This is a silent killer. You want to evaluate your list of actions and ask yourself: “If I did alstrategy probleml of these, and produced results with 75% of these actions, would I make my goal?” Many performers miss goal because their strategy was insufficient for the result they intended to achieve… they didn’t take enough actions – such as 25 outgoing calls per day. It’s a big number but not big enough if it should be 50. Not wrong, not bad, just lacking enough strength to accomplish the mission.

3. Lack of action

Goals and strategies without taking action mean zero. Zero. Get busy doing what you created in your strategy. It’s like putting ‘Gym’ from 7:30-8:30 on your calendar 5 days a week but never going (one of my personal and favorite failings).action

4. Poor execution

Did you execute the actions well? Did each action produce something? Did you make 25 calls but call at a time that you would reach the intended person or to leave a message? Did the call actually forward the sale – created a connection, made an appointment to meet – something.


5. Not enough opportunities

Did you speak with or see enough people? How many do you think you need to see? Now, double that. And double it with marketing effort as well as face to face or phone conversations. It always takes more than we think it will take. Always.  it always takes more

This is my checklist when I miss goal. And now it’s yours. 
Now, go sell something.
Love, love, love,

Jody Seivert 300 dpi

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