Selling is a Conversation

For sales managers, designers, and salespeople everywhere


It really is just that – it’s a conversation.

And when you think about what makes a good conversation, it’s not that someone talks a lot, it’s that they are inquisitive, thoughtful, talk about things with the other person that are meaningful to the other person as well as to themselves, possibly have new information to share that is relevant and interesting, they are looking to learn as much as to share, and they conclude the conversation with both people glad to have participated…and both people have gotten something from it.

thoughtful questionsGreat salespeople make directing the sales process look invisible. This happens by asking questions…questions of genuine interest. Questions that forward the conversation. Questions that make the other person think before answering. Questions that the person asking them might not already know the answer to. Provocative questions. Thoughtful questions.

A conversation is what a skilled salesperson brings the sales process to by knowing what they need to know from the buyer so that they can ask those questions as they naturally occur in a conversation (versus an interrogation). They are not thinking about what they need to ask next, they KNOW what they need to ask and can weave those questions into the discussion so that it is a seamless interaction. That’s how buyers don’t feel sold – they feel helped, listened to, understood. You cannot be present to another person if you are thinking about what you want to say or ask next. And if you are not present, you will miss the nuances and subtleties that are as valuable as what they are saying.

How do you get to this point? You learn what you need to know and you practice asking the questions you need to ask until they are smooth and just flow. And that will take time, even years to perfect. And it’s worth every minute. Don’t know where to start? Need to create a supportive environment in which to develop your skills? Call me. That’s what I am here for!

Now, go sell something.

Love, love, love,

Jody Seivert 300 dpi

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