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I was on a coaching call this morning with a sales team who brought me to tears with their bravery and willingness to try something new and to go beyond good to get to great. They got me to thinking about what makes them, and all sales teams who are amazing, so special. I was looking for an element that was consistent among them and maybe even measurable that they and other great teams possess.
What I witnessed during that call was ‘willingness’. This was a team willing to learn, to listen, to practice, to fail, to win, to try again. They were and are willing to do what it takes to be {and continue to be} amazing, and not just to live in a perception willingness-to-learnthat they are special and have already arrived. That would be ‘willful’ and not open to learning and doing something new and different that offers a whole world of information and opportunity.

I have a few of those amazing teams that I am fortunate to work with. The group on the call today was the sales team from Sheely’s in North Lima, Ohio. They are lead by Sherry Sheely (a great trainer in her own right) and sales manager Paul Stehnac, both of whom are ‘willing’ leaders who brought in outside talent to help to grow their team beyond their current performance. Clearly, willingness starts at the top.

Another team that comes to mind is the Lawrence team of Furniture Mall of Kansas, under the leadership of Sarah Goyen and Tim Whittaker – both of whom ‘walk the talk’ of sales skill development and execution and engagement as sales leaders who have grown their team exponentially in the last year. The stellar sales team of Gerry and Marcus at Dennis Miller Associates, under Dennis’ leadership, is another Today-just-be-willing   example of willingness. Dennis is a salesperson as well as the owner, and we speak regularly about specific sales and service issues so that he and his team can operate at the highest level possible. They are all willing to do what is initially uncomfortable and awkward for the long term gain of expanded effectiveness.

I don’t know if willingness is measurable but I know it when I am being willing or when I am being willful and I can feel whether it is present in others or not. I know if there is smoothness and fluidity or if there is resistance and defensiveness present. This insight has been a rocket ship for me. And as a consultant and a coach, I need to check my ‘willingness’ every day to see if I am open to learn, to explore, to be wrong, to apologize, to win. My willingness allows me to be an example of what I want to see in the world I live in so that in turn, the people I serve can have that willingness in the world they serve.

Thank you all for your partnership and for what I learn from you every day…as long as I stay open and willing.

Cheers and lots of love, love, love…..

Jody Seivert 300 dpi

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