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In this Thanksgiving week in America the conversation turns to Gratitude.  What am I grateful for? How am I blessed?

The original Thanksgiving had the Pilgrims grateful for making it through the tough winter and grateful for the friendship and partnership with the Native Americans who helped them to learn how to live in this New World.  I love that as Americans we set aside a day to be present to what we are thankful for, big and small, and that we share this day with loved ones over a special meal that has become one of our traditions.

Gratitude is often in reaction to something happening that we wanted to have happen….being grateful for simple things like givethanksv2a good parking space and more complex things like a good relationship….or being grateful for coming through adversity having gained insight and success.  It’s harder to be grateful for the adversity itself and what the opportunity can teach us; a subtler more – dare I say evolved – experience of gratitude that for me that requires practice.  I have a solid practice of saying “Thank you!” when I am happy with the results (I always say thank you when checks arrive in the mail!) and am a fledgling at saying it when I get stuck, am confused or frustrated, get scared…and saying “Thank you for this opportunity…please show me how to use it and learn from it.”.  I start my day with a prayer of gratitude and a request for patience and the willingness to use it fully.   I know that I need to generate being grateful as it is easy to slip into noticing what I am missing, unhappy with, or resisting.  If I generate being grateful then the experience and feeling of gratitude emerges.

I am grateful that you read my blog and find something in it for you to grow your business, business relationships, and communications so that you and your clients/customers can benefit by it.  I am grateful that I have a client list of truly remarkable people who partner with me in creating opportunities where there appear to be none. I am grateful for my thank-youassociates who help me to do what I need to do with consistency and excellence.  I am grateful that God gave me talent that I can use to make a living.  I am grateful for the challenges of the New Year to do my best to identify and craft a plan to meet and overcome them.  I am grateful for an improving economy that has opportunity be available.  I am grateful for my family and loved ones who keep me healthy, sane, laughing out loud, and who challenge me to be grateful and to be my best self – especially when another response might be easier.

Wishing you and yours a warm and Happy Thanksgiving.

xo, Jody

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5 thoughts on “GRATITUDE

    • Thank you, Chris…and the very same to you. I trust that business is good and you’re in good health. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and an even better 2015! xo Jody

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