Create a Resolution Revolution !!

We all know about New Years’ Resolutions – the make ‘em, break ‘em  – good wishes that we conjure up with a glass of the bubbly and a spinning mirror ball dropping from the ceiling.  And that magical environment is about as close to reality as is our potential of keeping the resolutions we make at the start of the year. With the first quarter a dim memory now, are the resolutions you made on January first any brighter?

Resolutions are not goals…they are good ideas at the time of things we wish to do, do differently or stop doing altogether.  They are made with the best of intentions and they are seldom kept.   Passion and spirit are present at first and are missing later when what started as a wish has a slim chance of becoming a habit.

What’s missing is a structure for fulfillment.  Without a structure in place for success even the best laid plans will fail.  It’s not identifying the actions that need to take place to be successful, but the actions executed that matter.

Keep dreaming and looking at what you want to create for yourself.  The Goal (specific and measurable, with a timeframe), the Actions (verb words of the things you need to do to achieve the goal) and the Structure for Fulfillment (a calendar, notes on your mirror, post-it notes on your dashboard, etc).  Without the constant reminders of the actions for you to take, even the most committed, passionate believer will drop the ball when a good distraction comes along.

Write it down, keep it at eye level, make it eye catching, create a mantra (remember Just do it!?), and celebrate your successes!  And then start a new one!

Need help getting started? Ideas and proven techniques for turning your Resolutions into Goals that will achieve Real Success ? Call or email me and together we will make 2015 your best year yet!



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