Sense of Urgency

For salespeople, sales managers and designers everywhere

How do you know when it’s time to close?

Time-for-Action Are you looking for it…and if so, what are you watching and listening FOR?

And, if you know and ask for the sale, are you willing and able to ask again if you need to?

I find that salespeople (I will lump everyone together on this!) want to be able to close more often and more quickly, but there are things that get in the way of that happening. Let’s take a look at how to organize our thinking about Urgency.


YOUR expectation / THEIR expectation – Do YOU expect them to buy if you find what they want? Or do you think they need to keep looking (maybe because YOU would if you were them)? Do THEY expect to find what they are looking for today and with you? We take actions based on how things ‘occur’ to us and if you think they won’t buy, they most likely won’t.

YOUR strategy to determine motivating factors – what are you consciously asking them to learn THEIR sense of urgency? And if you are unable to find one, how do you consciously CREATE one? Yes, you can really do that! All buyers have motivating factors; why they are in the buying process now….what the ‘no deals’ are…..what the priorities are to them, and so on. As a seller, we need to consciously determine these in order to know HOW to spend our time with them so that we can close what needs to be closed or how we will ‘forward the sale’ – such as an appointment or homework – to get the sale when they are able to buy.

How we prepare and go INTO the sales interaction, what WE expect to create and accomplish, is HUGE as to what we leave with. It takes preparation, patience, and knowing WHAT we need to know in order to close more sales and close them quicker.

And, of course, if you need help with that process, I’m here to help.

Cheers and love,


Jody Seivert 300 dpi

And, of course, if you need help with that process, I’m here to help.

Cheers and love,

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