Quantity versus Quality – More on the Money Conversation

For all Sales Leaders and Specialists everywhere


Whether retail or to the trade, the Quantity versus Quality comparison remains high on the list of binary choices for the buyer to make.

For retail purchases, there is so much out there of lesser to medium grade quality – allowing the buyer to purchase more items and often items that are in stock – so it’s a tough ‘Time and Money” conversation to Quality-imagecompete with.  If you are selling high quality at retail, you need to be prepared to raise and discuss this issue as part of the selection process….and it’s always better to be the one who initiates this discussion. Someone once said: “If you bring it up first, it’s a reason. If you respond to it later, it’s an excuse.” True enough.

For trade purchases, it’s similar but a bit different in that the buyers expect to spend more for high quality. And they may purchase fewer items in order to stay within their budget and still have fine quality merchandise.  But with higher prices and higher quality comes a level of negotiation not seen at mid to lower price ranges. So again, be prepared for how to discuss the money of bigger ticket products before the buyer brings it up as an objection.

Try this: Make a list of your most common objections and concerns. Time and money will be on the list.  Create 1-3 ‘standard responses’ to those objections, so that you can bring them up first (in the ‘anticipate and avoid’ method) or so that you can manage them smoothly when they come up, rather than be surprised and then try to excuse, explain, or convince the objections away.

Or ask: “Tell me, if you had to choose between quality and quantity when purchasing, which would you choose?”  Listen to their response and ask them to tell you more about that decision.  The rest will get easier from there.

Call if you get stuck …. I LOVE these conversations!

Now, go sell something.



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