Communication: The 4 C’s – Courage


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This is the second installment in the series on Communication in selling. The last blog was on Clarity, so if you missed it, please take a moment to go back and read it….thanks! 

This installment is on Courage. Someone once defined courage as action incouragethe face of fear. The fear is still there, but there is a vision of the end result that is so compelling that the actions needed to produce it become less scary and downright doable.

Take a look at your own selling process. Are there questions you are afraid to ask? Do you not like talking about money? Are you afraid to tell them the real deal about how long it’s going to take? Do you resist discussing the competition and where else they have been researching?  Does it make you uncomfortable to ask them to purchase? It’s good to look and to see where your process starts to break down. A quote from Who Moved My Cheese?: What would I be doing if I wasn’t afraid?

The good news is that bravery can be cultivated.  Start with one thing. Pick a question or ‘reality direction’ that is tough for you. Create a ‘script’ to ask or tell the buyer what you want to know or what you want them to do. Practice it a couple of times with one of your peers…see what happens. Then practice it with a buyer. Experience the discomfort. Breathe. Wait for their response. Breathe again. And take the next action.

Breaking challenging things into smaller components gives us the Confidence (oh! Another C word!!!) to do it again, and again, and again…..

Having trouble applying this or finding your scary spot in the communication? I am sure we can figure it out together. Email me to set up your FREE 15 minute consultation! 

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