Che Bello !

Decorative arts in Italy



Richard Ginori has been manufacturing china in Italy since 1735, originally for the Medici court, and for European luxury and aristocracy since then. The company fell on hard times in the last decade due to a reduction in formal dining and an increase in competition with lesser priced (and lower quality) products, many made in China. They filed for bankruptcy protection at the end of 2013 and were in negotiations with Lenox in the U.S. and Apulum of Romania to buy the company, but sadly, those fell through. They have reorganized and are looking to maintain a presence and visibility with those who value high quality design and workmanship.

Their shop in Florence is located in a posh section of the city, with apparel and jewelry neighbors like Prada, Gucci, Rolex. Room upon room of table settings and serving pieces, colorful collections, elegantly displayed and merchandised. While they retail ready to buy individual items and existing patterns, they make custom and original products for those customers who want the ‘Ferrari of porcelain’ as they are known in Italy. 43761AA9-E570-418A-AF4A-EF5DBBA652FB

Next time you’re in Firenze, drop in. Until then, enjoy……




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