Decorative arts in Italy: Passart
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.09.11 AM
In the heart of Rome, just a few hundred meters from the entrance to Vatican City, sits a small shop: Passart.  They have been in the trims and tassel business for generations and are still the official Papal passementerie for religious vestments. 93E78B9C-BFCE-42F2-A3BD-F4633A1FD866Their primary business continues to be for home decoration and textile finishing and adornment. We met the owner, whose small shop D6D5D7F1-8199-4AC2-9B8F-138167C754C4features a textile museum, and who continues to produce tassels and trims and his family did centuries ago. One of the photographed tassels is 75 years old and made with silk and gold yarns,  

75 year old tassle

    75 year old tassel made of silk and gold

and others of opulent detail and fine handiwork.

Please enjoy and for more information, please contact      BA057C6C-D4FE-47C1-A01C-7AEE9CDB8026    0995F17D-E530-4242-B842-9782E779053F   5AB94115-401E-4478-BE52-BE5861BDC9FD 09D10DE5-6076-45A4-A9F9-0CDA30B3347E

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