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When I work on setting goals with salespeople, designers and managers, the first conversation to get through is believing what CAN happen.  It’s easier to set goals that are low and comfortably achievable with ‘reasoning’ about the ‘realities’ that impact the result. Having someone like me say “I KNOW you can do so much more than that!” is sometimes heard as being pushy

(and it could be… I am the coach and I get to do that!), or unrealistic (again, maybe it is…) and for some is welcomed as belief in them that they can soar beyond their limited belief.

Tony Robbins said that most people reach an income that is 10% in either direction of their ‘set’ number, and it’s reflective of what they believe they can do, they are worth, and what is do-able.
Let’s go to your belief – what do you believe you can achieve? Can you make that specific and measurable? What kind of structure would you need to support you? What are the actions needed to make it happen? Can / will you do them? Have you set a timeframe that is reasonable?
Henry Ford said “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”
Start with belief…what do you believe you can achieve? Dream. This is our only life on this earth…keep looking forward and dreaming. I can help you with the structure and strategy for achievement. It’s up to you.
Now, go sell something.

2 thoughts on “START WITH BELIEF

  1. Jody has been coaching our company for 6 months and the results have been very rewarding to us all! I have learned how to assist clients more effectively, asking the right questions, serving them in a way that they feel special and professional served to meet their design needs. I am more effective with my clients and manage my time much better. When she is meeting with us or on a coaching call, I feel energized, focused, and ready to work on her suggestions to grow even more in my career. Her coaching has also helped me with my personal skills, enriching my relationships with my family and friends. Thank you Jody!

    • Thanks, Nancy! It has been a joy working with you…you bring so much to the interaction – with me, with the client, with your co-workers. Your generosity and commitment are palpable. xo, Jody

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