Behavioral Flexibility = Emotional Objectivity

For everyone, everywhere.
What does that mean?
If you’re a regular reader (thank you!), you know that the DiSC Behavioral Model is a core competency arena for me. I think salespeople, designers, managers, leaders, coaches should ALL understand how to identify and adapt to different types of  TTI DiSC people so that those people get a great experience and you can anticipate and avoid obstacles that naturally arise with  specific DiSC styles.
Last week, when I was coaching a design team,  I heard myself say to one of the designers who was describing an interaction with a particularly challenging (for her) client that she lost her emotional objectivity. She was hooked by the clients behavior, made judgements that diminished her credibility with the client, and communicated in a way that created a disconnect in the relationship. She was a Dominant and the client was a Steady…complete opposites. Had she known how to identify their style, anticipate some of the predictable hurdles, and adapt her style to their style, ALL of this could have been avoided.
It’s a skill to learn and a practice to develop…and worth every minute for what it brings in peace, connection, understanding. I will step over the obvious Nick Lowe reference and ask you to consider it for yourself.

Want to learn more about DiSC ? I can help. Call  or email me to schedule your free 15 minute coaching consult!

Now, go sell something.


  1. I never miss Jody’s post .. I trained with her for years at my previous job . I still recall her advice , and techniques. I use the DISC method and 7 selling questions regularly.
    Once you do, it becomes second nature. When I’m off course for whatever reason , I stop and think about what am I not saying or doing to relate to this client . And after going back to these basic skills I can usually figure out what I need to do.

    I highly recommend this energetic , smart , business coach !

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