Don’t Leave them Hanging

For Sales Managers and Sales Coaches

It breaks my heart to hear a salesperson/ designer tell me that they spent 2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with a customer/client and didn’t get either a sale or an appointment. BREAKS MY HEART. Then they feel frustrated, angry, that they are not a contributing member of the team, upset that they couldn’t get free to work with someone else, and helpless as they watched other salespeople sell LOTS of opportunities as they were STUCK with theirs.

Don’t let this happen. Don’t leave them hanging. man-hanging-from-cliff-325x325

On busy traffic days, their job is to Sell it today or to Schedule a time to meet the customer/client again if there is more to do than can be done on a busy day.  To make this happen, your antennae needs to be up and looking for specific actions and results.  You need to know how long each of your team members is working with their opportunities and when to insert yourself to check things out. You may need to break in and ask how things are going?…what have they selected?….do they need help in completing the transaction?…and listen to what happens. If you ask the salesperson if they’re okay, they might say Yes, thinking that they are getting it done today. But if they are still together 30 minutes later, something has come up or isn’t moving, so you will need to step in again. 

Your sales team is doing the best that they can at any point in time. In some cases, they don’t know what they don’t know, so they may think they have it covered, only to get in far deeper than they can manage. YOU need to know if they’re in trouble so that you can help them to close it today or to schedule it, walk the customer/client to the door, and have the salesperson/designer get back in rotation. 

When salespeople/designers get stuck, it is up the the SALES MANAGER to get them unstuck and back on track. If that means you need to sharpen YOUR selling skills so that you can do that, then sharpen your selling skills. Your team depends on you to do that. 

And if one of your salespeople tells me that they spent 2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday and didn’t get the sale or an appointment, I will be calling YOU.  With love in my heart, of course. :)

Now, go help them to sell something.




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