Shakespeare and Selling

For sales and design professionals everywhere
Recently, I had a lovely conversation with John Hutson, a designer at Sheffield Furniture and Interiors in Rockville, MD. We were discussing finding out WHY a client begins to take action steps. What is their motivation? Why this? Why now?
John, a self-described playwright, offered that it was like writing a play. As a playwright, you need to ask yourself: Why now? Why does this action begin? Because if you don’t have a REASON or an EVENT that has changed, you can’t justify the start of the story or the change in direction.
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Think about it: the same is true for us. If we want to understand the MOTIVATING FACTOR of the client/customer, we need to ask “Why now?”  If we don’t understand THEIR motivation, we will attempt to use OUR motivation to move the action forward and to get the commitment to close. The problem with that is our motivation will never be as powerful or as meaningful for them to take action now as their own motivating factor.
Starting now, include “Why now?” as one of your early qualifying questions.  Follow up with “What’s happening in your life now that has you starting this project?” And just keep asking. Remember, the person who is asking the questions is the person who is driving the conversation.
Now, go sell something.

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